August 10, 2019 | 9AM-5PM

AUGUST 10, 2019 | 9AM-5PM | Peoria CIvic Center

Peoria Civic Hackathon

Building Peoria's Open Data Portal

From environmental issues to affordable housing and public health, data is increasingly being used across the country to improve lives. Peoria’s largest civic data event of the year invites designers, developers, activists, urban planners, students, and interested residents to use data and design to address our community’s challenges.

If you want to take part in an unprecedented effort to move government into the 21st century and contribute to impactful civic data projects, join us on August 10th at the Peoria Civic Center for Peoria Civic Hackathon: Open Peoria.

1. Register to attend
2. Show up at 9AM on August 10th
3. Sign up for the challenges that interest you
4. Break into groups to tackle the challenges collaboratively
5. Share your progress with everyone by the end of the Hackathon
6. Have a positive impact on Peoria



Full Hackathon Schedule below

While "hacking" is sometimes associated with cybercrime, a “Hackathon” is an event where participants experiment with data, technology, and ideas to solve challenges. At this Civic Hackathon, we'll be tackling the challenge of how data might be better applied to solve challenges that impact peoples' lives in our community.

The Civic Hackathon will be at the Peoria Civic Center from 9AM-5PM on August 10, 2019. The event is completely FREE for all attendees. When you arrive at the Hackathon, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a challenge that matches your skillset and interest.

We will have light refreshments available to all participants (water, soda, granola bars, fruit) and heavier food options will be available for purchase at numerous vendors throughout the Civic Center.




Check in to the Civic Hackathon and meet a few people before getting to work.

Morning Session

9:30AM-10AM: Introduction & Rules
Receive a brief welcome from organizers and learn the process for contributing to the Open Data Portal.
10AM-12:30PM: Working Session
Get to work on the challenges that you're interested in!

Progress Update

Take a short break to see what progress has been made by other participants

Afternoon Session

Get back to working on challenges that you're interested in (does not have to be the same as morning session)


Celebrate the progress that was made during the Civic Hackathon through short and simple presentations. Earn recognition for your contributions.


How do you fit in?

Here is a sampling of some of the challenges you might be able to sign up for on August 10th:

- Solving a local challenge using an already available data set
You might be interested if you are a: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Activist, Urban Planner

- Cleaning and organizing already available data sets:
You might be interested if you are a: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer

- Writing human-readable data set descriptions
You might be interested if you are a: Writer, Urban Planner

- Beautifying the theme/aesthetic of the open data portal:
You might be interested if you are a: Graphic Designer, Web Developer

- UI/UX recommendations
You might be interested if you are a: UI/UX Designer, Web Developer

- Adding functions to source challenge ideas, list upcoming events, or showcase finished or in-progress projects
You might be interested if you are a: Software Developer, Web Developer

- Identifying local challenges
You might be interested if you are an: Activist, Urban Planner


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